Sunday, August 12, 2012

Beaded Dolls

Remember her?

Probably not....She's Griselda, my Nifty Fifty doll...I made her to celebrate my 50th birthday almost three years ago.   And when I finished Griselda I started on her BFF, Fanny Fandango:

 At some point, I ran out of ideas for Fanny, and she languished around the beading area half-conceived, half abandoned.  I placed on the end table near the couch recently so I could look at her periodically to see if anything revealed itself.   Last weekend, I put a few beads on her...quite a few actually...and this morning I got an idea of how to do her hair and how to decorate her legs.  Here's what Fanny looks like today:

Her hair won't look like that, I was just trying materials t o see if I want something other than just beads.  I do.  The strings you see are leftovers from ripping and crocheting cloth into rugs.  I figure I might as well use it and it seems to suit Fanny's outrageous personality. I won't spill my ideas for her legs as I need to do some testing to see if I'll like what I think I'll do.  But, at least Fanny is getting attention.  Poor old girl has been very patient, she deserves to be finished.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Citrus Punch Bead Embroidered Cuff

Finally finished a bead embroidered cuff that I've been working on for AGES.  I call it Citrus Punch.

Not the best side pictures, but you get the idea.  I used my own glass cabochons created in my own kiln and various yellow and red beads.  I've noticed that a lot of my cuffs are red/yellow/orange...tired of those colors.  So, my next cuff is black, white and red with silver accents.  It's a very commanding piece!  I'm about halfway done with it, so maybe pictures the end of this weekend.