Sunday, August 12, 2012

Beaded Dolls

Remember her?

Probably not....She's Griselda, my Nifty Fifty doll...I made her to celebrate my 50th birthday almost three years ago.   And when I finished Griselda I started on her BFF, Fanny Fandango:

 At some point, I ran out of ideas for Fanny, and she languished around the beading area half-conceived, half abandoned.  I placed on the end table near the couch recently so I could look at her periodically to see if anything revealed itself.   Last weekend, I put a few beads on her...quite a few actually...and this morning I got an idea of how to do her hair and how to decorate her legs.  Here's what Fanny looks like today:

Her hair won't look like that, I was just trying materials t o see if I want something other than just beads.  I do.  The strings you see are leftovers from ripping and crocheting cloth into rugs.  I figure I might as well use it and it seems to suit Fanny's outrageous personality. I won't spill my ideas for her legs as I need to do some testing to see if I'll like what I think I'll do.  But, at least Fanny is getting attention.  Poor old girl has been very patient, she deserves to be finished.

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