Saturday, July 23, 2011

Update on Red Victorian Lady

Time for an update on my Red  Victorian Lady.  She's moving right along and I am enjoying working her!

And I want to share my first finished bead embroidered barrette:

 I used a gorgeous vintage rose cabochon and lots of seed beads in reds and pinks.  Threw in a couple of red Swarovski crystals.  I'm offering the barrette in my etsy store:

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Coming Soon to The Beaded Cat on Etsy!

I'm adding bead weaving supplies to my Etsy store!  With the week, I'll be offering beading needles, felted pin cushions, and bead weaving books.  I'm excited to be expanding The Beaded Cat from patterns and finished bead woven jewelry to beading weaving supplies.  Currently, I am looking for a wholesale source for good quality, low cost looms. 

Stay tuned for updates on my current projects!

Monday, July 4, 2011


As I promised, here are updates on all the bead projects I'm currently in the middle of.

First, my Red Victorian Lady:

Only added one row this week.  She's my priority this week.

Second, my photograph of Caesar's Forum:

5 rows to date.  It's quite a bit smaller than Red Victorian Lady.  Just a bit relaxing after the challenge of the Lady.

Third, my bead embroidery projects:

 The top piece is going to be a barrette.  That's a vintage red rose bead in the center. There are also Swarovski crystals which you cannot see very well.  

The bottom piece is a beaded collar for my mom.  It's done in green....her favorite color.  Malachite cabochons, dyed mother of pearl beads surrounded by the prettiest green seed beads I could find!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

My new weaving buddy!

Months ago I posted this picture:

This was my best bead weaving buddy.  His name was Boo Boo and he was a Oriental Shorthair, a cousin to the Siamese.  He was 13 yrs old in this picture.  Boo died of cancer about 18 months after this picture was taken.  Boo always raced me to my chair when I made time to do bead weaving.  It was like he read my mind and got to the chair before me.  While I did my bead weaving, he laid at my feet and purred.  I've missed him terribly since he died in early February 2011.  In mid-February,we adopted a 5yr old black cat from a rescue organization here on Oahu.  We named him Merlin and he's a very important part of our family now.  I moved my big 32" Mirrix loom from my craft room upstairs back downstairs to work on a couple of new projects.  Merlin likes the loom and it seems he's going to be my new bead weaving buddy.                            

Check back tomorrow for updates on the Red Victorian Lady, the Caesar's Forum and my two bead embroidery projects!