Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Wow, I cannot believe I have not blogged yet this year!  I am falling behind!  I have embarked on some other kinds of jewelry making....some metal...some glass...and even some resin pieces...the non messy resin kind :)


Here are some of the glass pendant necklaces I've made lately... I have been buying digital pages from Etsy and gluing them to glass cabochons and putting them in bezel trays.  I'm using organza ribbon and waxed cotton necklaces for a feminine touch.  

I opened a new Etsy store Black Cat Artworks to display and perhaps sell some of my creations.

More pictures:

 A copper bracelet of  my own is the  main focal part and the bottom is the whole bracelet....I love working with copper...I dip all my pieces in liver of sulphur to darken the copper then I bring out the highlights by scrubbing with a brass brush. That leave some dark spots and some more coppery spots.  I have more metal jewelry in the works.

And I am working on my next bead embroidery project....a bracelet with eye cabochons.  

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