Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Eye cabochons

For the couple of people who asked, I used the following tutorial to make my own eye cabochons:

Look for the tutorial on making glass pendants.  I followed that but did not put on the bails.  You can find sheets of different eyes on Etsy.  Most are immediate downloads.  I use Sun and Moons glaze because it works better than regular glue, which I have tried, too.  Remember to use a laser printer so the ink will not run when you apply the glaze. If you only have an ink jet printer, you can seal the images by ironing the reverse side of the paper and leave overnight.  You can buy the glass cabochons from Sun and Moon or search Etsy for other suppliers.  There are lots of sources for them.

The eye cabochons are fun to make into earrings or pendants, too, without bead embroidery.

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