Monday, July 4, 2011


As I promised, here are updates on all the bead projects I'm currently in the middle of.

First, my Red Victorian Lady:

Only added one row this week.  She's my priority this week.

Second, my photograph of Caesar's Forum:

5 rows to date.  It's quite a bit smaller than Red Victorian Lady.  Just a bit relaxing after the challenge of the Lady.

Third, my bead embroidery projects:

 The top piece is going to be a barrette.  That's a vintage red rose bead in the center. There are also Swarovski crystals which you cannot see very well.  

The bottom piece is a beaded collar for my mom.  It's done in green....her favorite color.  Malachite cabochons, dyed mother of pearl beads surrounded by the prettiest green seed beads I could find!

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