Saturday, October 5, 2013

Update October 2013

So, a bunch to update...the Red Victorian Lady is history...was never going to finish her.  I warped the 22" Mirrix loom she was on for two projects: a seahorse and a French coquette.  Pictures of those will be added later as they are on my laptop and I'm blogging on my iPad right now.  I'm going a to use my 32" Mirrix loom to weave a fiber tapestry...maybe with a few beads thrown in :) 

I'm also practicing spindling my own yarn to use in my weaving adventures.  If I keep at it. I may get myself a spinning wheel for Christmas :). That would be totally cool...spinning and weaving my own yarn.

Also, The Beaded Cat is now on Facebook.  I'll be posting the latest patterns and gadgets, techniques, tips as I go.

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