Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I keep changing my mind!

I convinced myself that I should use my 32" Mirrix loom for tapestry when I found one of my photographs that I just want to weave.  It's a picture of a church in the piazza of a small fishing village on Malta.

Malta, by the way, is the coolest place to visit. It has 
history from the prehistoric (Stonehenge kinds of structures) to WWII.  Fascinating place and the people are ultra-friendly.  I loved visiting there and could have spent another week roaming about.  

The name of the little fishing village where we stayed is called Marsaxlok.  I highly recommend staying at Duncan's B&B if you go to visit.  Here's a picture of the church on the piazza in Marsaxlok.  

It will be a challenge, but worth it, I think!

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