Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I've been fiddling around with looms, tapestry or beading looms to be exact, for a couple of years now.  You can see in this picture my 32" Mirrix loom.  And Boo boo, my late crafting companion.

 Neither of my present cats really cares about my crafts, or how much time I put into them, really, like Boo Boo did.

I actually have three Mirrix tapestry looms.  The 32" for which I need a special easel stand, a 22" which I use for medium bead woven projects and the 16" which I use for smaller projects.  I really meant the 32" to be a loom for making fiber pieces.  But, then I realized I could put TWO projects on that one loom and then go back and forth between the projects.  

Right now the 32" is up in my craft room because the stand is really big and it takes up lots of floor space.  I like to do my bead weaving in the living room.  I may make room near my HUMONGOUS Navajo rug loom, which I don't even have warped, to put my 32" loom with its two projects.

More looms later this week!

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